NSE Daily Data: FII, Nifty Future, FII Stock Future, Market Put Call Ratio.


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Hi Everyone,

I will try to update following data everyday:

NSE Daily Data:
  • FII Nifty+ Future.
  • Market Nifty Future.
  • FII Stock Future.
  • Market Put Call Ratio.

These Data are for Information Purpose Only. There is no guarantee of correctness of these data and it may be wrong. Data are compiled from NSE website then automatic selection and automatic calculation was done in Excel.

Meaning of terms used in snapshot:
  • PCR: Put Call Ratio.
  • OI: Open Interest.
  • VOL: Volume.
  • DIFF.: Difference/Change compare to previous day.
  • AVG: Average.
  • Total Nifty Future: Total Market(FII+Retail+Everyone) Nifty Future of Current Month, Next Month, Far Month.
  • FII NIFTY+: FII Nifty Index Future, FII Mini Nifty Index Future, FII Bank Nifty Index Future. (As on today, CNXINFRA, CNXIT, CNXPSE, NFTYMCAP50 Index Futures has less than 20,000 Open Interest each, that means almost negligible. While FII are not allowed to trade in S&P500 and DJIA Index Futures.).
  • All data are in Numbers of Lots (Numbers of Contracts) and they are not in quantity.
  • Cumulative FII Position is Yesterday's figure (One Day Back Data). Only this data of today is released by NSE on next day.
  • FII has less than 80,000 total open interest in total stock options, which are not included here.
  • Month: Future & Options Expiry Month.

Please report any error in data or post your suggestions.:thumb:

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