NSE BHAV EOD Data of Stocks, Futures and Options from 1995 to Current Date


Hello friends.

For those traders, who are interested in doing the Historical Backtesting etc. type of analysis, I am sharing the EOD Data Files, which have been downloaded from the NSE Website.

- For STOCKS, the data is from 1 Jan 1995 to 14 June 2023 "the current date".

- And for the FUTURES and OPTIONS, the data is from 14 June 2023 "the current date".

The FnO files include the data for all of the -
Index Futures,
Index Options,
Stock Futures,
Stock Options

Moreover, all this data is "SURVIVORSHIP BIAS FREE" as no symbols have been EXCLUDED from this data set. All the symbols which were available for trading, during those trading sessions, have been included into this data set.

This data has got just one major issue, that it is not adjusted for the Splits and Bonuses etc. So please keep this point in your mind, while doing the backtesting or any other analysis etc.

These files can be downloaded from -

The password for both the files is -

The credit for the Derivative files goes to the alphaleaks team - https://alphaleaks.info/downloads/, earlier I only had the FnO files since 2010 only, and I have downloaded the remaining older derivatives files from there. They have got a lot of other important files as well in their downloads section. I am very thankful that they are sharing so much of good work. Please check them out.

If you find any errors in these data files, then please let me know at my ID, so that I can make the necessary corrections and then share the updated data files with everyone.

Please feel free to share these data files into any other trading groups, where these could be useful for other trader friends.

Thanks and Best Regards

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