NOW Real Time Feed to Amiborker

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We have issue with this RTDataLink DataFeeder..

For Example you have downloaded 15 days backfill... and next day evening if you try to do backfill for 1 day.. So it means in Amibroker database has to show 15 days+1 day(1 Min backfill)... but this software is deleting all old 15 days and keeping only 1 day (ie) next evening which you have selected 1 day back fill.. Please do check and let me know.


S. Dhinesh Kumar
Dear Sudris
hiii I am new to Amiborker I read ur post in detail but problem is that I am using ventura trading platform which has option line link to excel but file u created has options only f nse now nest trade tiger and odin plz help me to link ventura pointer with ambroker with ur software
thank u


Well-Known Member
Koi Zerodha PI ka bhi kuch kar do for Amibroker :)

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