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I got a demate account with hdfc a week ago and after some research i tried to buy shares today.

I placed an order for 200 shares and then cancelled it, it did it thrice, twice for buy and once for sell.

Later on i baught 200 shares and selected market instead of limit :( i found that it got 5 different transaction to get 200 shares :( share amount becomes 8300 and my bank a/c shows hold funds 9000+

Its hdfc demate account.

How can this is be so much and i understand 25 rs brokerage charges however its seems very high for me :(

Also there is option in my demate cnc fund it shows 669 something what is it.

Can somebody help me out :)


hi...minimum brok. is a norm with most broking houses. hdfc charges 25/-.

transactions get executed as per availability of sellers in the market. Brokers do not have any control on the execution.

i guess 669/- cud be the excess funds held for brokearge and other charges. Post debiting the charges the excess funds get released.

b.t.w u shud try the chat tool on their website. its something new
sditn thanks for your reply. I see that they hold the fund 9000+ and they finally charged 8400+

I believe this has happened as i placed few orders and cancelled them.

I did try their chat tool on website and they say for further information please call, they simply give pre defined templates (copy paste) answer.

That's why i am here on tradeji to gain knowledge :)
Hi! Newintrade, I hv tried their chat tool. They are quick to respond whenever contact detail is asked for. Hope your query is resolved.

b.t.w..... i like your id. Bye.

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