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Navratna PSU Giant mining company Largest iron ore producer FPO will open on 10th

Though it is FPO , since already Listed, but do have very low floating market shares. In 1996 1.62 % shares were allotted to LIC/FI (1.38%) and employees ( 0.14%) Rest 98.38% are owned by Gov.

now 8.38% is offered for disinvestment

Price band has been declared Rs 300 to 350

Retail Investors will get discount of 5%
Whats your suggestion sir..Since its discounted rate plus price sometime bak touched 500
since floating shares in public are very low 0.14 % , price being quoted in market may not be only considerations.

since it is a large navratna PSU disinvestment , Retail portion being Rs 4000 crore ,Retail may not fully subscribe . if one wish to keep the shares in his portfolio , may apply for the quantity he wishes to be allotted .

hope if price decided is around 320 , retail will get it around 305, not bad
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NMDC have announced FPO price as 300/ , Retail will get @ 285 and balance refunded
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