Nilkamal Vs Wimplast

Im watching/following Nilkamal & Wimplast for last 3 years.(From june 2014.)

I expect wimplat is better than nilkamal,as per finanacial ratios,...etc.

But,the App.return in last 3years: Nilkamal @ 700 % ,
Wimplast @ 350% .

Still now the valuation of wimplast is betterthan nilkamal. But,nilkamal always gives good return than wimplat.



My question is can I miss any important fundamental ratios? suggest me my missing point.
Wimplast has had negative sales growth for FY 2016 as per screener.

Profit growth is more for Wimplast but the P/E ratio is higher for Wimplast too.

Nilkamil is slightly more undervalued but I would have exited in March 2014 for Nilkamil and March 2016 for Wimplast based on sales performance.

Looking at historical performance since 2000, Nilkamil has overall had a better performance despite weaker ratios so I'm interested in the answer to your question too.
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