Nifty Options Historical (1 min - Intraday) data

Dear All, I am very new to this forum! Thanks to the creators of this forum!
I need help in getting historical data (1 min - Intraday) for Nifty Index Options of previous months / years. NSE website only provides - Open, High, Low, and Close. That is not useful for me. Can anyone of you help me get it? Thanks very much in Advance!
Hello nelsonjp86 ,

option are not for new trader they will only loose money so it;s suggested u paper trade and enter real trades :)

If u have NEST Trader u can get 1 Min data from Nest plus for last 21 days..... (Free source )
OR if u want subscribe to RT data provider if u can.
I have csv data which i do update once in month for historical reference u can look in my gdrive and
Below is tutorial how to get Csv which i was writing for utility i use for RT

Even in live market this steps can be done
EAsy way to back fill is Get csv file from Nestplus by press SHIFT+D
then right click inside box and select Write to excel and save file as csv file .
Look at image below

follow the image below create a datatype amibroker understand and save it
how to create data type so amibroker can read csv file is explained in image

That completes How to backfill shub | how to backfill using nest plus :xD
i have tried to explain in simplest form i could :xD

Good Luck

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