nifty high open interest means?


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Nifty8200ce open interest 7339650 chg 203250
Nifty8000ce open interest 5740200 chg 453150


Nifty7700pe open interest 5832900 chg 290850
Nifty7600pe open interest 3306975 chg -34425

So nifty range 7700 to 8200?
Is 7700 stop for nifty?
Nifty will not go below 7700?
Nifty will end 8200 before November expirry?
So we may expect u-turn?


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Highest Open interest in tatamotors

430dec15ce - 360000 CHG 31500

380dec15put - 75000 CHG 28500

Will Tatamotors break 430 soon?

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I think you need to find out if OI increased or decreased .. most of the times the price tend to move opposite to the OI increase (call or put) .. there is a particular reason for this .. that is, the major players (or the Institutional Investors) who are definitely more informed & smarter than us, move in and sell loads of puts if they guess the price will move up or vice versa .. and thus the open interest on puts shot up .. we may want to take a call on if we want to be on the winning side or the other one !!! (read from varsity of zerodha)
hhmm .. i couldn't bring myself to go on calls side !!! .. reason is, the price is falling .. seems it is set to fall further as there is a rise in OI while the price is sliding .. this is one of the settings for weak counters in the scrip !!!
An increase in open interest along with an increase in price is said to confirm an upward trend. Similarly, an increase in open interest along with a decrease in price confirms a downward trend.
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(Open Interest is the total number of outstanding contracts that are held by market participants at the end of the day. It can also be defined as the total number of futures contracts or option contracts that have not yet been exercised (squared off), expired, or fulfilled by delivery)

Still I hope tatamotor will touch around 420-430 soon if market support.

Highest Open interest in DEC

430dec15ce - 340500 CHG -4500

400dec15pe - 165000 CHG +79500

My view tatamotors range 400 to 430 as per option data within DEC.

Today tata motor closed at 400.95

So I expect from tomorrow onwards upside for tatamotor.
We will see which is correct?

If you are correct I agree with you.


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