Nifty / Banknifty Using Super Trend

Please see performance of nifty with incremental risk strategy. Adding one lot after two loosing trades. maximum lots allowd 4. Very less loss in this month.
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Please find performance of nifty traded with supertrend 4,10 (Trend following system like ema as you described. One lot added with each losing trade. very high volatility caused massive whips but still it is in very less loos. Please adjust brokerage etc for final results. This month was not suitable for supertrend as massive price chages were in the market due to high volatility. Looks promising.



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Supertrend that has been used by thread owner is altogether different....Is anyone still using this strategy..bec i was seeing icharts supetrend does not match with the charts been posted here before... Are we sure those charts are real ???
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Hi All,
Is there any progress on this strategy?
As Kuldeep.panda Sir Said Supertrend 10:3 with 65 EMA /Moving average Band. with Supertrend as an SL (30/50 points)and 10 to 15 Points 1st TGT and trail along with it. I tried and paid a good amount to market so here is back to check in case of any new development.

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