New NSE (almost) RT Datafeed for Amibroker

I coded a solution for my private use. It only pulls quotes for NSE Index (since I don't trade anything else, it didn't make sense putting in the rest).
I'll enhance it to include other scrips shortly. Here a screenshot of how it looks.

It initially pulled RT data from Google until they pulled the plug on it. Now I have ported it to Yahoo.
The quality of the data sucks but it will have to do. If you're really finicky about more accurate data, you
can edit it and hit "Update". Don't worry, it will remember your prior edits before updating Amibroker.
That's the best that can be done on a 0 rupee budget !!
- Viper
As we login to our trading terminal and open charts...... the data updates in realtime whether be it web based or desktop terminal..........
Is it not possible to fetch the same data from brokers terminal to Amibroker/metastock or MT4 instead of Yahoo or google??


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