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We are happy to announce a new Members Forum at

The Members Forums will provide a special section for members to discuss a specific topic or interest in more depth and with less public involvement than in the open forums. Members Forums are a great way to discuss more deeply into a specific form of analysis or strategy related to trading and investing in stocks, commodities & forex.

At the moment we have launched our first Member Forum namely Advanced Traders and Strategies which will be run and moderated by SwingKing!

I would suggest members to read the introductory post by SwingKing. To join the Advanced Traders and Strategies forum please apply here.
Thank you very much for such a fantastic club / site made.

Sir Traderji, I would like to know how to add a new post evry day to the forum I am searching this since 2 days let me know. As far as Introduction forum was concerned I could do it. I am new to this site. Please help.

Thanking you,

B. L
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