Need strategy code - please help


Need strategy code for the following strategy can you please help me, I do not know coding so need help...

chart type: line and break (three line break)
time frame: 5 minutes
When the 1st bar/brick/candle becomes green (new/1st green bar/candle) in three line break charts then open long position
Stoploss as 1st/new red bar/candle/brick
And target for long position same as above 1st/new red bar/candle formed

Vice a versa for short positions
when 1st/new red bar/candle/brick is formed open short position
Stop loss as 1st/new green bar/candle/brick formation
Target also the same 1st/new green bar/candle/brick formation

basically what I am trying to do here is when we have the green bricks start forming in line and break charts I go long
and as green bricks become red I close long positions and take short positions

thank you so much for your help

Please suggest me what is the best platform for backtesting the strategies?

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