Need help

Hi Friends,
I am facing couple of problems which I feel experts here can advice me to solve the same.

1. I am using spybot antivirus but the same is not deleting the adware in Netmedia Advantage. When I reboot the machine soybot again shows in the search result. Hence I have downloaded Ariva Antivirus personnel and it still shows the same. Pls advice what to do.

2.I am using Csoftmarketwatch v.17 made by Hope you know with this software one can watch the live update of BSE and can create a portfolio . But one cannot trade thru this as this is only for watching.

This software needs .Net Framework . Windows installed :
-.Net Framework 3.0 servicepack 2
-.Net Framework 3.5 SPL 1
-.Net Framework 2.0 service pack 2

The problem is that this software works some time for few hrs and goes off and some time throughout the day it is not working.

I shall be very much greatful to anyone who can solve this problem. Also I know that my PC is infected but some of the files I could not either repair or remove.

Please advice me as to what to do.

Thanks and regards

Most probably your system will be having registry problems.You should try out with a registry cleaner,

delete all temp files and also use registry cleaner because it involves the use of different applications

that do a large bulk of the work in malware or spyware detection.