Need Help Seniors

Hi Everyone,

I need help from this forums on building up the knowledge on trading. I need suggestions tips and tricks on basic sharing capability.

I just learned the pivot table chart but how to apply I didn't understood. I prefer to go for shortterm but not intra-day.

Can any one of the seniors guys help me in buillding up a portifolio. My current portifolio is mentioned in the thread posted for Saint.

Anyone of u can come please and help me out.

Thanks a Lot
Raj :)


Super Moderator
If you are serious about on building up the knowledge on trading and learning the tips and tricks, I would suggest you start off by reading as many books on trading and investing as you can.

There is a lot of information in this forum but you will have to search for them. A good place to start off would be the Trading Resources forum.

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