Need Help For Super Simple AFL (Find Higher High Higher Low and...)

Wish somebody help me to create this AFL, it's actually very simple. I just have no programming background at all.

I want AFL that can scan and generates list of stock that have one of these criterias:

1. Today candle creates higher low higher high candle compared to yesterday's candle (shadow counted as high/low too, not only the body)


2. Today candle is inside yesterday's candle

For clear explanation, I already attached the picture.

Yes, this is for searching stock purpose only, not for making buy/signal sell. It definitely will save my time rather than manually check the stock one by one. There are 500 stocks on my country! :)

I will use the AFL at end of day after market closed of before market open.
Really appreciated all the help. Thanks in advance



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Which Country are you from?

What all do you want to see in the report?
	insidecandle = L > Ref(L,-1) and H < ref(H,-1);

	HLowHHigh = L > ref(L,-1) and H > ref(H,-1);

	Filter = insidecandle OR HLowHHigh ;

	AddTextColumn( FullName(), "Full name", 77 , colorDefault, IIf( c > o , colorgreen, colorred ));
	AddColumn(IIf(insidecandle,1,Null), " insidecandle", 1,colorBlack,IIf(insidecandle,colorAqua,Null)); 
	AddColumn(IIf(HLowHHigh,1,Null), " HLowHHigh", 1,colorBlack,IIf(HLowHHigh,colorBlueGrey,Null));
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