Need Falling Three Methods afl

Can you please help me with AFL of Rising/falling three Methods?

1. The first candle is a long black (or red) candlestick within a defined downtrend.
2. A series of three ascending small-bodied candlesticks that trade below the high of the first candlestick.
3. A long black candlestick creates a new low, which suggests that the sellers are back in control of the market's direction.


Use the following basic criteria. Ofcourse three white candles in middle should close higher has to be programmed in. Also proportion of length of the candles has to be programmed as well.

Ref(C,-5)<Ref(O,-5) AND Ref(C,-4)>Ref(O,-4) AND Ref(C,-3)>Ref(O,-3) AND Ref(C,-2)>Ref(O,-2) AND Ref(C,-1)<Ref(O,-1);

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