Need Book On Index Option Strategies


can some one suggest me good book on Option strategies on Index Options for Indian market.

I am Reading Guy Cohen's book. It is good but he concentrated more on Stock options rather than Index Options. It is getting difficult correlate this for Indian Index Options.

Thanks in Advance.
Jhonny5, are you ok with option greeks ??

DanPickUp has discussed options thoroughly here on TJ, including strategies and useful links. Also, he is quite responsive to intelligent questions.

Check this thread.
Thanks TP...

i am ok with this dan's thread and very happy with AW10 thread..

my problem is i love reading hardcopies...i do not like sitting in front of system all day...

i hate computers..:) though i am in IT industry..


i am going to get these..
any idea about this..looks like good one ..excellent reviews..

By the way..i am Jhonny.s.(not Jhonny5). Jhonny best freind..he is with god now...:(

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