Naked Option


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Naked options are those options which are not hedged.

means u simply buy call or put .....

In naked options risk is more as they are not covered.....

It is not recommended to trade naked options to a newbie until he has good knowledge of trends & markets.


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What is a Naked Options?

Will someone help with an example?
Kid and other kids

There is an ocean of information about that and most other simple subjects in the net. You only have to Google your question and in this case you Google: Naked Options, and you will have more what ever you can imagine in your simple mind.

But opening a thread all the times for such simple questions is not welcome in the forum as it destroys the quality of the forum. :annoyed::mad:

Do you want to level down the forum all the times with such stupid simple questions which can be answers just by Googling it in the net or at least posted in already existing threads?

If so, you do not have any respect and idea what it takes to run a forum and that means: No answering for such kids questions as they are even to lazy to do some home work.


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