My Trading diary- Combination of options and future of single stock

Hello everyone. After reading many trading diaries I am also inspired to write my struggle with market on the forum. I want to write it so that I become a disciplined trader. Currently greed and fear are the two biggest enemies which I am facing. May be with all your help I can overpower them.

At present my trading capital is Rs 3 lakh and I have following open position:-
1. NTPC 175 CE 1.90 -- SELL
2. NTPC 165 PE 2.20 --SELL
3. NTPC Sept future 165.8 --SHORT
4. NTPC Oct future 170.5-- LONG

Basically first two options position are made on assumption that NTPC will remain in the range of 165-175 in this month expiry. If it breach on any side then adjustments will be made.
Future positions are taken to get 1 point movement in any direction. e.g. for tomorrow I will place a buy order of NTPC Sept future @ 164.8 and a sell order of NTPC Oct future @ 171.5. If any of the order get executed then a new position will be made accordingly.

Aiming to achieve at least 10 points in this expiry. If anybody has any suggestion then you are most welcome.

Hello no trade was done as none of my order got executed. I controlled myself not to take any reckless trade on gut basis. Hope that this good habit continues in future. :p

Current status of my position is attached.


If anybody have any suggestion or tweaks to suggest then he/she is most welcome.
Your approach is interesting. It is good to target 1 or 2 stocks and understand them better.
Can you post when(date/time) you took the 4 trades. 14k loss within one day is on the higher side.
@fnoplayer I exactly don't remember the date but both future positions are taken on different days.

Just now NTPC Oct future was sold @171.5 :D. I place my new buy order for OCT series @169. I am trying to reduce gap between both series future so that my MTM get minimized.

Till now 1 point is pocketed still 9 are remaining. :cool:
Due to fear, I changed my buying order and bought OCT series future @169.8. Now the gap between two series future is 4 points. I have to reduce it further so that I can easily capture 1 point movement on any side.

Current status of my position is

Gudmrng friends. Today I have a good start. First my NTPC OCT future sell order @170.8 was executed. Then I placed the buy order again @169.8, which was also executed. Now placed sell order @170.8.

Till now 2 points are pocketed :cool: 8 points to go:):)
NTPC OCT Future sell order executed @170.8. Now placed buy order @169.8. Till now it is an excellent day.

Till now 3 points are pocketed :cool: 7 points to go:):)
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Buy order has not executed till now. I am becoming patience less. Even after Nifty has fallen more than 100 points NTPC is still in green. How ever there is some call unwinding as well as put unwinding. Not able to get the clear trend. Maximum pain is at 167.5.
Changed the buying order and bought OCT series future @170 because I don't want to let my Sept future un-hedged. Current status of my open positions is as follow:-


Till now 3 points are pocketed :cool: Hope that I will be able to achieve my target :)
Gudmrng everyone. Sell order of OCT series future executed @171. Again placed buy order for the same @170.2. Hope that it will also get executed before 12 noon.

Till now 4 points are pocketed :cool: 6 more to go :)
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