My Observation: Abt Myself


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Hi All,

This thread is all about my observation about myself and How decision making is evolving into myself.

Few Things about Myself.

1. Trading since 2007. regular-irregular kind off.
2. Learned alot & still on this path.
3. Jan 2015 onwards is very eye opener changes. Specially arrival of Mkt profile & OFA.

4. Currently doing part time trading and strictly not for Money but Learning purpose.

5. As have full time Job so for the time Being focus is on Job and I love my Job after my family

6. TJ was my first place where I learned Trading. Yes, I started with Fibtrader or Fibotrader (don't remember name) and then Graduted to Amibroker and now using NT-7 only.

7. Currently was using Evernote app as my Trade Journal but from today onwards will rent on this thread for sure.

I am starting this Thread After going through VJAY's thread. Got inspiration from there only.

I am mainly going to post how emotions get into Trading. Yet to know/understand how to deal with them.

Thanks & Regards,
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1. Today Cl opened Near yesterday's Lower Band. Shorted @ 3142 in the morning.
Choped around and Finally took support Right at Prev. day Lower Line of VA.

Covered at 3130.

Now Learning Part:
On 22nd Mar Crude made panic low near 3106 and then rebound till 3185.. good 80 points. So today after covering wants to go Long @ 3130 SL 3123. for good gain of 10-16 points.but mind said. avoid and enjoy the weekend.

Wants to Learn this part. When living solemly depend on Trading only then such random moves add value to the A/c.


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27th Mar 2017

Shorted Cl in the morning @ 3127 after seeing INR-USD price. Opened below Prev. low.
Entered Target Buy @ 3094. right now in office.can't do much and other then watching.



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Reason for buying 3094. Just like tht.. No particular reason other than targeting 1% move.


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Target hit 3094. Nice surprise after coming home.
Now Emotions are don't trade as things are out of Val Area but initiative move is in Trend.

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