My Gold trading diary.


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Hi all,

Though i love trading in stocks but have gradually turned into positional trader. After doing intrady and actively getting involved in it i also started doing positional trades in MCX. My positional trades in crude have earned me handsome returns. I have given the strategy on crude oil in this forum.

I was also doing positional trades in metals like Gold zinc and silver. But here i will be discussing my gold trade only.

No indicator
No studies
No target
No Stoploss

Again i believe in to take whatever market is willing to give you.

Its a positional strategy i am working from last 3 months on it and got only 5 trades and got the investment double. We will always be in trade so margins are always being adjusted.
Instrument Goldguinea.
Time frame daily
Candlestick chart

1.You need to check three higher high or three lower low on daily chart.
2. Buy condition :- Simply buy on breakout of third higher high.
Sell condition:- sell on the breakdown of third lower low.
3. Closing trade :- we will reverse the position on breakout of next three higher high or lower low with double quantity to be in trade in opposite direction.

Sounds simple ?

Gold is not a lazy metal.its vehemently moves and runs in a direction for a long time. Only thing required here is to turn into robot be emotionless and follow position sizing. Thats why to trade in guinea.

My present trade
Goldguinea. Buy at 24789 on 06/12

Will have few trades to execute more relax way of seeing making your investment grow..
Try my friends.



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Thank you for sharing!
I am leaning commodities too... Could you please help me understand cost-of-carry for overnight positional MCX futures?
As far as I know, there is no cost of carry for MCX futures. So if you are taking Goldpetal NRML future, you just need a margin of around 158. The total expenses for a complete trade come to roughly 1.40.

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