Mutual fund through Demat A/C

I am a novice investor. I have some queries. I recently opened ICICIDirect demat A/C.

1. I was thinking of investing in ICICI Pru FMCG (G) & SBI Magnum Pharma (G) fund for a long term period of 300 months with Rs. 1000/- each as SIP. Do you think this is wise?
2. If I invest as SIP through my demat acccount and I want to change my demat account say in 3 years, do I need to close the sip started through the present demat A/C?
3. Do you have any advises regarding diversifying my investment to maybe like Rs. 500 each in Large/Small & Mid cap/ FMP/ Debt, instead of my decision in Point no. 1?

Thank you, and I apprecite any help you can provide. It maybe apparent to most of you seeing how my questions were framed that I am new to this. So I'll appreciate any guidance you can provide.

I suggest you to go to do some research on various category of funds.

But 300 month is very very long term. You can start SIP for 1 year and at the end of the year , check fund's performance and if you like the fund , then renew the SIP. Reviewing fund's performance periodically is really critical. Don't invest in any fund blindly. Do some research and then choose the fund.