Multibagger of 2023

This company, Synthiko Foil, has been operating for about 28 years in the manufacture of aluminum foils, mainly used for packaging various pharmaceutical products. The two manufacturing units of the company have been operating very profitably for years at Thane and Maharashtra. The company currently has no debt obligations and has a total of 17 lakh shares. Out of which 52.72% is for promoters and 47.28% for general public. Therefore, the number of shares circulating in the market is very less. The company has had 8 consecutive quarterly results in profit and only one is negative now another new positive result is came.A continuous upper circuit ralley toward 1000 is almost sure....So this is the opportunity before the big ralley...The future of the company is very bright as it mainly deals in pharma related products. The fact that the number of shares of this company is less than half that of MRF, currently one of the highest priced shares in India and that most of them are long-term investors, points to the upside potential of this company. There is a possibility that the share price of this company, which is listed only on BSE, will increase in demand every day. As the company's market capital increases, it is understood from my study that the company's business and profits will increase in the future and the company will grow to a higher level. Therefore, according to Warren Buffett's investment strategies, this time between 200 rupees and 500 rupees is very suitable to invest in the company.
Synthiko Foils target is 1000 with in 5 months from current 180...... only below 7000 shares are for selling

New positive results is came

Quarterly Net Profit at Rs. 0.09 crore in March 2023 up 425% from Rs. 0.02 crore in March 2022.
EBITDA stands at Rs. 0.30 crore in March 2023 up 66.67% from Rs. 0.18 crore in March 2022.
Synthiko Foils EPS has increased to Rs. 0.51 in March 2023 from Rs. 0.10 in March 2022.
Synthiko Foils shares closed at 180.60 on May 31, 2023 (BSE) and has given -34.17% returns over the last 6 months and 342.11% over the last 12 months.
It's impressive to see their profitable track record, especially with consecutive quarterly profits and positive growth in the pharma packaging sector. With a low number of shares available and a bright future ahead, the potential for growth looks promising. Of course, it's essential to do your own research and consider market conditions before investing.

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