Moving image file website?


Is it possible to share moving image files?
If there is some problem in my software .. want to share it. or other query.

Is it possible to share short clip?

Other than youtube, I can see few threads there they post image looks like video, but it's not a video.. it's like a short vine clips , kind of .it's not vine.
I wanna know such website ?

we can post files from imgur , and post it here, i don't know website that allow moving image.

I need to record first short clips and then want to post it as animated gif. How to record it? that helps to post aniated gif.

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Why to call that moving file hosting website if that is not that true at all anyway. Care to share with me that reason or no ? I am all for such things anyway. How else we could really go there ? next time you can simply look all that in google anyway. Thanks for that though.
Yes, it's entirely possible why the damn not honestly, I simply do not even know what to reply to you absolutely regarding this except the fact it's possible and I am sure there are more services who do that in the web clearly.

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