Most Volatile stocks to play and be lucky :-)

I assume it must already be discussed but since I am new to this forum and had been on intra-day for past 3 months I would like to have an elaborative as well as collective info on most of the stocks which are volatile through out the trading day. Some of the stocks of which I had success with day trading (not 100% success though!) are

essar oil, unitech, ifci, BEML and sometimes Aban offshore.

If anybody knows the other stocks of which the prizes fluctuates like hell...:)..then I can play with them by doing multiple trading.

Awaiting reply threads...Have a good evening!
Thanks for reply. Is there any specific tool / strategy which can be used for different stock ? Usually I guess on MA and then attack at the one which dips for a while and gains back. But I am not lucky all the time :)
I believe UNITECH Too is a fluctuating stock and have less risk of getting deep dive when bought and pump up high when sold..... but it's quite ok. Would be more interesting to know about a stock which is less than 100 rupees range...and can be made to test certain strategies with minimum loss coverage.
Hey bunny thanks. What is paper trading ? is it something virtual?


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Hey bunny thanks. What is paper trading ? is it something virtual?
Yes, its virtual. You can just use a book to write your trades. Even better, you can use the following websites:
  1. ShareBazaar game from Rediff Moneywiz (Link:
  2. MoneyBhai from Moneycontrol of CNBC-TV18 (Link:

You will need to register for free. The 2nd one is slightly more sophisticated than 1st.

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