Monthly, Weekly Pivot levels


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Thanx for ur reply

This is what exactly, i expected.

I trade using pivot points and quite successfull as well

But i use mthly and wkly points along with Rs and Ss

Like u said, i used to calculate (or point the cursor, in icharts EOD charts) and then mark a corresponding line in the intraday chart, so that at the time of trade, i see the mthly, wkly pivot, R or S line in intraday chart along with chart calculated Dly values.

It has bcom a big work since i have started to track many a stocks.

That is the reason, if i can get calculated values of Mnthly, Wkly for all stocks somewhere, i can take the values and quickly plot them in the intraday chart.

Sunil/AW10...plz, with ur contacts/exp, can u help me out??
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On Y a h o o chart, u can pick up histrocial prices link on the left column.
It has option to see daily/weekly/monthly prices.
You can download those prices but it has to be done for each stock.

Then u can write formula to calculate Pivot levels in an excel sheet.

If you have basket of securities and want to download daily prices for them to track..then I will suggest to create free online portfolio (u can do it with moneycontrol, yahoo etc..). Select a provider which has option to download portfolio details and also displays OHLC price data..

Sorry I don't know which one could be the best service provider to meet yr requirement...

Happy Trading.

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