Metastock and Amibroker NSE EOD data from 01-Jan-2006 to 14-Aug-2012


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Hi friends,

I have compiled metastock eod data from 01-Jan-2006 to 14-Aug-2012.
I have used Data downloader software to download eod from NSE website.
The data can be readily used with metastock by pointing to database folder. For Amibroker this can be converted using metastock plugin built in feature of amibroker. Have uploaded the file in
Rar file includes:
-EOD data from 01-Jan-2006 to 14-Aug-2012
-Data downloader s/w
-Getbhavcopy 2.3.1a s/w

This is the link -
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thanx :thumb: for the data. i m a new trader, how should i use this data how to open this in metastock. i m new to meta stock. thanx for ur hard work :clap: :clapping: :thumb:


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Open the rar file.
Extract this file "EOD data from 01-Jan-2006 to 14-Aug-2012" to your desired location in hard drive. If you want rename folder to your choice.

Open metastock. Click open or File>open.
Small dialog box appears. In top Look in: use down arrow and point to location of your extracted folder EOD data from 01-Jan-2006 to 14-Aug-2012.
Also check in left side "Local data" is selected.
And at the bottom Files of type: is set to smart charts.
Now thats about it.
Just select the name of security and click open it will load the chart.

Hope this helps..