Merge or combine yahoo and google NSE symbol

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I am very new to this forum. I am newbie for Amibroker. i tried downloading historic data from yahoo and last 60 days 5 min data from google (using amiquote). Is there any way I can merge or combine the data from stock. for e.g. from yahoo it create symbol PTC.NS and from google NSE:pTC. I see two symbols, want to merge the data to PTC only so that I can perform some backtesting. Thx in advance

You have to request each symbol from the server, if you change the symbol the server will not know what data you want. I've found it's best to keep each source in separate databases.


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The easiest way is to create Alias of a symbol.
Assign an alias name so that the destination symbol will have name of the old symbol in its alias field (Menu View>>Symbol Information Window).

A classic example is with Bank Nifty, on NSE website itself, depends where it is referenced from you'll read banknifty and in Bhavcopy its Nifty Bank.

Search how to create alias and map all the symbols.

Select from Menu > Symbol > Merge then diff option
Check Assign an Alias name

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