MCX Broker for physical delivery of GOLD MINI??

I am interested in trading on MCX but with the option of physical delivery as a seller. I found out that many brokers don't keep this option and compulsorily square-off the position at the expiry..

Could anyone please suggest any brokers who are involved with physical delivery of gold??
I believe that gold contracts ( full sized not minis) are for 1 Kg.( 100 rs per tick)
Gold Minis are for 100 gm ( 10Rs per tick).
You really should go to the MCX site and read through the contract specifications. This would give you location, quality details, payment schedules etc.
Hi..Yes, that's true..GOLD MINI can be delivered in lots of 100gm..Thanks!
I have gone through the entire contract and terms of delivery on MCX Website..

The only issue now is to find a broker who will do all the procedure..
Riddhi Siddhi Bullion mentioned above deal with spot delivery if purchased, not on open positions of futures....


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iam intersted in silvermicro MCX contract deliverable 1 kg bars.
but only "self trading" bullion big merchants in mumbai.delhi ,ahmedabad give ^ take delivery.
no online brokers dealing with us peasents offer delivery.

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