Matrix Labs & Balmer Lawrie


I've been watching htese 2 counters since last week. Matrix moved from 160 to 181 today. Balmer Lawrie from 250 to 310 level. Is there enough steam left in these counters? Is it still worthwhile entering at the present market levels?

Raja Krsnan.
Hi Raja Krsnan,
Just my humble opinion......Personally wouldn't think of entering Balmer Lawrie here if you are either a long term trader or an investor.Wait for a pullback.As for Matrix Labs,it has put in a nice higher pivot low on the weekly charts...but daily charts have had 4 days up in a row.Most likely a mild pullback is due maybe next week,where an entry then looks like a good idea....Just my thoughts.Best to wait for reply from Traderji!! :)
matrix lab has given good breakout from lower top and bottom. price is
likely to cross Rs.200/-. fundamentally also matrix is very good pick for
medium to long term.
Thank you, Saint & Vijay Chauhan.
I used to trader intra-day. For the last 3 years I stopped intra-day. Invest atleast for the medium term with a certain percentage gain-which is my target. Fairly successful. thank you for the valuable inputs.

Raja Krsnan

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