Making Use Of Chat Room

I Think The Members Of This Forum Shud Make Full Use Of The Forum Especially The Intraday Trades.i Went Into The Room Twice But Found No Member At All.if Any Member Has Any Problem Using It I Think He Shud Use This Thread To Put That Up So That Traderji Can Clarify
Me too,

I do not have administrative privilege on my system(I am using from office).
I do not know whether it is for the above or not but it shows me as cannot connect to server.

It would be of great help if the technicals could look into it.

Thanks and Regards
I am also unable to login to the chat room. I'm pretty new to this forum. Should I post lot of messages to enter the chat room? Is there any rules/restrictions like that?
i agree with creameee...i too have found the chat room empty,but from 2morrow i'll enter the chat room in the morning..hope to find you guys will be great to have creameee's advice available real time

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