MACD BB Indicator development for Amibroker

Dear friends,

I need an AFL for MACDBB indicator. The E-signal codes are attached for MACD BB indicator and MACD Trend Indicators are attached here with. Is it possible to develop AFL from this. Some one should be master in both i.e. Esignal and AFL can do this work.
This indicator is originated from www. of their software T3 Fibs Protrader. Their usermanual link is here http://www. /T-3%20Fibs%20ProTrader%20User%20Guide%202-28-08. pdf
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Thanx :thumb:

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Hello ,
can you post the image of this formula.?.this will help to understand the way it plots,
thank you
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nice to see u online casoni i m uploading u the file of the image for the above MACD BB INDICATOR as i would like to develop the community of traders and help the novoice traders with the help of members like u Mr. saint/kartik and other moderators
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Download the PDF user manual on the link. On page 13 onwards there is practical description, images and working of this this indicator.
Saint sir, i hope u can develop an AFL from it.:)
avlok i tried to find the page 13 but nor m getting the file downloaded nor the pdf has such page number on it which u have uploaded u can verify the image i have uploaded and tell Mr. casoni is it the right one i have uploaded


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Hello thesaint,alok,
Please look at this picture..i think its nearly perfect , i am looking for ultimaforex[ mt4 formula] to cross check this afl..once it is fully checked/cross checked ill post the afl..
Thank you
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