Lyka Labs - Mid Cap Stock Pick


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Lyka Labs - Mid Cap Stock Pick

Lyka Labs

Lyka Labs Ltd. is one of the leading Health Care Companies, enjoying tremendous confidence amongst Medical Profession for its quality and efficacious products for more than four decades and has excellent brand equity. It has also forayed into Animal Health Care products and is enjoying equal confidence among Veterinarians.

Lyka's manufacturing plants located at Ankleshwar in Gujarat and Tarapur in Maharashtra are built on GMP guidelines and are certified for WHO Good Manufacturing Practice. Lyka's sterile bulk drug manufacturing plant is also located at Ankleshwar.

Lyka's products encompass a wide range of therapeutic segments which include anti-bacterials, anti-tubercular, anti-cancer, anti-ulcerants, dermatological, cardiovascular, cough and cold preparations, pain management etc.

Lyka has a full-fledged Research and Development Centre, which is recognized by The Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

See attached chart for trading strategy, entry level, stoploss and profit booking level.



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Thanks for the tip.

Does one always have to buy on the way to the Ascending triange meaning a significant distance below the horizontal line.

Stop loss is the previous lowest low but how did you arrive at the price objective?

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