Lowest trading Tax

Hi all,
I just joined icici direct last week and i want to do trading by this. I want to know following things:

  • What is the trading tax in icici direct when i buy and sell the stock of Rs. 1000 on same day?
  • In which type of trading i pay least tax i.e. in cash or margin?
  • Can i sale stocks before buying?
  • which one is safe trading option in icici direct?

Please tell me so that i can start trading.


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Assuming you are talking about transc. tax and other statutory levies (not income tax :D)

1. Taxes are all same across all brokers. Only the brokerage differs... Up to my knowledge, ICICI charges heavy.
2. I haven't calculated, but I think for futures the charges are low compared to others. And for options, charges may be high, but the transaction value won't be as big as futures. So the tax (amount) will be much less.
3. Yes.
4. ???

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