loosing streak....!!

A lifetime of my record is to be maintained here , since i have a good trading journal but the data is never regularly maintained .. May b this way, it works.....

( this is not a trading call , and may not be realtime .. All trade copying is your own risk and no one is liable for any blame for any losses that has occured ):D
What ever i am saying here and calling here is truth and i just dont want to lie myself.. what so ever happened in my life.. bad or good... All is true...

The main thing which matter that i should know that i am a looser and will always be a looser all my life.. :D


MM is the holy grail
I don't know, but being optimistic didn't solved any problem as well, i am just accepting the reality.....I don't feel any bad nowadays but i want myself to know that who am i .....!
ok, then we want to know more about your trading career so far.........:D
ok, then we want to know more about your trading career so far.........:D
i have been trading for 3 years+, The first year was like a absolute vain losing thrice and wining once or the wining ratio much lower always kept on blaming some or the other like electricity problems , internet problems and i had to go out..I just bluffed myself so that i feel good never see the debit messages early morning but boast a lot of the credit messages.. Days kept on going like this many times i blow my account. Then i met a guy who taught me the first how to identify trends at least . I had no idea what i was doing before :D
After a while i started trading on the day bar , things started to improve ...I started to feel heroic and started taking wild risks and then i started catching fishes , my hands burnt there too due to greed ..I hardly payed any attention to the money management when things got good i used all my money without any planning ....I got handsome returns within the month...My portfolio zoomed up like a spike , i kept on going like this and so the spike inverted , all in vain again blew my account :D
Again felt disappointing that what is the problem , cant find although....
But then i solved some good money management rules for myself..my limits and permitted instruments that i should touch....then the third year had some other surprises for me still left , Initially Things again went good for some days but then i went through a draw down , seems this year i have constitutive losses in a row i haven't faced any winning trade from a long time....I am here and don't know whether i have forgotten how to trade or what the problem is ..! how many surprises are still left....

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