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Hello Everyone,

My name is Ankit Garg and I am a full time Forex Trader. I, along with one of my very good friends are into the business of Money Management or Managed Accounts/Managed Forex for some time now. We, currently trade charts on Time Frames of H1 and above with our system which is a simple Price Action based system. That is enough of my introduction for the purpose of this thread and if you dig more on Traderji, it is not too difficult to know more about me.

Anyways, coming to the point here. I have been working on a project for some time and now I am looking to form a possible team for the same.

I am looking for freshers/amateur traders/aspiring traders to work with me. You do not need to have any successful system to trade. I already have a simple and effective tradeable system for the Forex markets. The system is a day trading system (not really scalping) and involves multiple entries and exits in a day.

The selected traders will be trained to trade the system profitably and if they do well, they can trade for our fund. Obviously, there will be Non Disclosure Agreements, wherein our Intellectual Property Rights will be protected.

The offer is ONLY FOR SERIOUS PEOPLE who are willing to put time and effort to learn something and then work WITH US (not FOR US) for a long lasting relationship. We are looking for traders who are willing to go full time with this project. Trading is serious business for us and we want our team to be equally serious and dedicated towards the same.

I may have missed some points here as this is just a rough draft. If you have any questions/comments please post here. I will answer everything that protects the interest of the project I am working upon here. I may not answer irrelevant questions when compared to the topic here.

If you are interested, post here and PM me your email Id. We can talk then.

Best Regards
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