Looking for an Algo Trading Platform

Hello!!! I am looking for an Algo Trading System for my technical strategies. Following are my requirements:
1. Connection to charting tool
2. User Management
3. After Trade automation: e.g. slicing/trailing SL/Auto order modification etc.
Please suggest...
Hi TechnicalWizard U can contact symphony tech. They are from Mumbai. I have talked earlier with them but the cost involved was very high because i am a resident of delhi,they dont have any office or broker terminal in delhi.If u reside in mumbai then it will be beneficial to u.
In the current market, there are only two players who can help retail traders automate their startegy. One is Symphony and the other http://www.slideshare.net/rahul_quantech/atlas-an-overview

Had a chance to look at both system, Presto is a known system which is based on Marketcetra platform and has been re branded by Symphony but is a good system

The guys at Quantech Ventures have built their own system and the only advantage compared to Symphony is that you can write your own strategy without showing it to anyone.

Call me old fashioned but I like to keep my trading strategy a lil secretive (The other day my wife asked me too about my strategy and I didnt like to share it with her too... :p) so I am thinking of connecting them with my broker.