Long on Futures and hedging with Long PE's


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Iam Long on BankNifty FUTIDX 24Sep Exp. @ 24000 and leveraged the same with a Long 24500 PE with a Premium Payment of Rs.500. 1 Lot on both sides..Though I was Bullish on Upside, I also want a Insurance on any Downsides. Hence this Strategy.
My ? is, Currently the Futures are @ 23100, the M2M loss is 900 Points (Rs. 22250) which is deducted from my Account..I get it right till this Point..But my 24500 PE's LTP is 1400Rs. Considering I paid a Premium of Rs. 500 then the Profit is Rs. 22250 on this PE trade.. So shouldn't my total M2M should be a Loss of only Rs.2250 (Loss on Futures and Gain on Option) as against Rs. 22250?

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