KARVY Fraud in MCX (Clients grievance)


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I will contact you only if you want to, else please help me help others who suffered due to fraudulent activities in KARVY Commodities.
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Hi ,

I am new to the world of commodities and I started investing in commodities through karvy Commodities , one of the reputed brokerages around 6 months back.

While opening the account they assured me that they will provide information on how & when
to trade. Also they will keep me updated on my positons regularly.

With this presumption I was happy that I have opened account with Karvy one of the best professinally managed brokerages.

After opening the account there was couple of trades which were done on-behalf of me and I was regularly updated on my positions. So far so good.

But after some months suddenly there were no communication from them and with lot of difficulty & followups I managed to find out my portfolio position.
It was down by 50%.

I was shocked at this & contacted the person who was handling my account & learnt what led to this. After that I told him to always inform me about any open positions & always keep a stop loss for any trade. Also I told hime to regularly update me by phone or mail my latest portfolio status.

So again he began to trade on my behalf & he kept me in loop for some time. But after couple of weeks there were suddenly no communication.

After numerous attempts I tried to follow up on whats happenning with my portofolio. I had a major shock of my life. My portfolio was completely wiped off and I had only 3% of my initial capital left in my

I firmly believe that I could have averted this positions if the brokerage had proactively communicated me my portfolio status on regular basis.

Also they were hiding information whenever I tried to find out telling the person handling my account is not available.

So it is my firm belief that the brokerage is at fault by denying me the right of information. So how do I get justice and whom to approach for this.

can I take it up with MCX/NCDEX/consumer forum ?

Please help me out.

Surendran ([email protected])
Hello every body.... great vibes going...

I have some questions for Mr Mahesh..

1. do you know Zaheer other than as a Karvy person?

2. is your wifes name aparna?

3. were aparna and zaheer classmates?3

friends it is like this Mahesh's wife aparna and zaheer were class mates and they had a love affair which graduated into physical relationship... all this took place with the knowledge of aparnas parents..

After mahesh's marriage to aparna .... aparna's affair with zaheer continued and even mahesh was aware of it...... Aparna gave money to zaheer out of love so that zaheer would play with it in the market and the profits would be shared between them....

dear dr hazari I am not assassinating any bodys characters... but It is my own investigation that has revealed all this.....

If any thing is false Mr. Mahesh should dare deny the above things....