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John Pilger on Julian Assange

Next: Following an artike with the mother from Julian Assange:

“Julian Assange’s mother has accused the US and UK governments of “slowly, cruelly and unlawfully” killing the WikiLeaks co-founder because he revealed war crimes and corruption.
“My son Julian Assange is being slowly, cruelly & unlawfully assassinated by the US and UK Governments, for multi-award winning journalism revealing war crimes & corruption!” she wrote.

Source: The rising tempo of julian assange’s murder in belmarsh gitmo

I really hope he does not end like Jeffrey Epstein, but the chance is reality. He surely will not be found hanged in his cell, but there are other ways to torture a person psycholigaly until he starts to die from inside of his body. And at the same time Chelsea Manning is in imprisonment for contempt of court and has to pay in the mean time per day USD 1'000 penalty to not cooperate with those people (court) who treat here like a dog. My respekt she has to not talk to them even under such pressure.


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CIA spied on Julian Assange 24/7 in Ecuadorian embassy

Pushback with Aaron Maté | The CIA has been caught spying on Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Undercover Global SL, a Spanish security firm, recorded Assange during his stay in Ecuador’s London embassy, where he lived under asylum, and then handed over its footage to the CIA.

“That firm was contracted by Ecuador to protect the embassy, to protect [Assange], to protect us from [his] persecutors,” says former Ecuadorian diplomat Fidel Narváez. “So I find it shocking.”

Guest: Fidel Narváez, former Ecuadorian diplomat who served at the London embassy while Julian Assange lived there under asylum.

Quelle: The Grayzone, 10.10.2019



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Julian Assange denied access to lawyers and vital evidence in US extradition case

By Thomas Scripps (14 Dec. 2019)

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange appeared via videolink at Westminster Magistrates Court in London yesterday for a brief administrative hearing. The half-hour proceedings confirm that the fundamental legal rights of the world-famous investigative journalist are being trampled in what amounts to an extraordinary rendition.

Source: https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2019/12/14/assa-d14.html


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been BLOCKED from seeing key evidence from US authorities who want to extradite him for 'leaking sensitive military data', court hears

(PUBLISHED: 11:25 GMT, 13 December 2019 | UPDATED: 14:02 GMT, 13 December 2019)

'Mr Assange has not been given what he must be given, and we are keen to go through this to the best of our abilities to keep with the requests of the court.

'It is predicated on the underlying evidence that Mr Assange has not reviewed.'

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/ar...key-evidence-authorities.html#reader-comments


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In this interview with investigative journalist for the Grayzone Project, Anya Parampil, we talk about the extradition case of Julian Assange and examine the United States' intervention in Latin America in depth. The discussion on Latin America focuses on historical context as well as the current situation in Venezuela, Honduras and Bolivia. This includes Anya Parampil's first hand observations and reports on countries such as Honduras and Bolivia. She also explains the geopolitics of the region with an emphasis on the variety of methods that the United States employs to bring about regime change.

Journalist Anya Parampil on Julian Assange & United States Intervention in Latin America



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Queen Elizabeth won’t get involved in Julian Assange case because it’s a POLITICAL matter – Buckingham Palace

A Buckingham Palace spokeswoman has said the Queen will not intervene to release Julian Assange, vowing to remain “non-political.” The statement seemingly confirms that Assange’s detention is a political, not criminal, matter.

With WikiLeaks founder Assange holed up in HM Prison Belmarsh awaiting extradition to the US, activist Chris Lonsdale penned a letter to Queen Elizabeth II last month, asking the monarch to “ensure that Mr. Julian Assange is freed from Belmarsh Prison unconditionally,” in the spirit of “justice, peace and fair-mindedness.”
In a reply posted by Lonsdale on Sunday, a spokeswoman for the Queen said that Her Majesty “remains strictly non-political at all times,” and Assange’s detention is therefore “not a matter in which the Queen would intervene.”

Source: https://www.rt.com/uk/480974-queen-elizabeth-julian-assange/

This now is a very clear situation, as Britain now finally (Not the dump once instead the Lady Queen Elizabeth) officially told this. As Britain, related to admendment four in his constitution, does not support delievery of political matter to other countries, Julian Assange could not be transferred to the War criminals over sea. Now we will see in the coming weeks how trustful those British constitution is.

Assange-Letter Delivery to Archbishop of Canterbury at Lambeth Palace

Basic Principles for the Treatment of Prisoners


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CIA Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling: US Wants to Paint Julian Assange as a Terrorist! (February 26, 2020)

We speak to CIA Whistle-blower Jeffrey Sterling, who was convicted for revealing details about Operation Merlin. He discusses the extradition trial and persecution Julian Assange is facing, his own experience of being prosecuted for whistle blowing on circumstantial evidence, whether the Wikileaks founder will face a fair trial in Virginia, his experiences of racism with the CIA, his advice for other potential whistle-blowers and more!

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