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The only Indian portfolio management package I have seen so far is EX by TCS but that is no comparison in accounting to Tally. Ideally one should have an accounting package where just by entering receipts/payments and sales/purchase and doing bank reconciliation all portfolio, net worth and income tax details get ready. That is what computerisation is all about- several outputs from one input.

Tally is giving VAT, service-tax and e-TDs free to all industrial customers. I have been trying to prevail upon them to make at least valuation(shares/mutual funds) but to no avail. Maybe a joint representation may work if people are interested. If people can make joint representation to the finance minister, why can't we to Tally. A financial accounting package should actually give more if not equal preference to financial(paper assets) customers.

For people with non-finance background or interested in imparting education to young people, this is a good opportunity("Attitudes are caught, not taught"). Sysematic transacting is an essential part of fiancial education which cannot be achieved by writing fancy articles in money magazines. Tally is recognized as the best:-

From Mumbai to Kolkatta, from Chennai to Delhi
In computerized financial accounting , there is no match for Tally

If you want to concentrate on your core-competence dynamically
For taking away administrative headaches off your back, there is nothing better than Tally

Accounts being the language of business , many businessmen can suffer fatally
Because of lack of knowledge of accounts on Tally

When the data on screen has to be monitored daily
No software provides more flexibility than Tally

Whether the reports have to be presented midway or annually
They are absolutely thorough and correct in Tally

Magazines only talk about finance education for children which can never be achieved fully
Without an excellent enabler like tally

For that matter commerce and MBA students would have learn finance/accounts totally
Only if in addition to theory, the practical orientation includes Tally

With the introduction of Tally enterprise and call center , efficient operations are possible wholly
With the use of one and only Tally

In computerized accounting in India , Tally is Holy
Maybe a dash more color on screen and print would make it more if not as colorful as Holi

The kind of orgasmic pleasure one used to get in manual accounts when trial balance used to Tally
Similar feelings are aroused on operating Tally

To people who despise accounts, packages like Tally
Are as exquisite and wonderful as the Kashmir Valley

Such people can do accounts for lifetime blissfully
As accounts seems so easy on Tally

If there is one package which deserves to perpetually behave the way stocks behave in a rally
It is Tally

One hopes to be able to operate the package perpetually
Since it will really require something special for any other package to outclass Tally

So if you are contemplating buying an accounting package, without any dilly dally
Straightaway opt for Tally

Anybody interested let me know.
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Don't you feel that they should at least give valuation of shares/mutual funds free of cost. We are not asking for a portfolio management package by American standards.

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