Every Body Knows that rubber prices are high and because of the china cheap quality tyres (No Anti Dumping) Tyre industries badly affected and their is no special provision for Tyre industries in this budget so they are right now badly hit.

1.)Why i am choosing this stock over others because other stocks are almost trading high.
2.)Their total production has increased they have also acquire Cavendish industry for 2200 crs.
3.) Asia First And World Second ISO 50001 CERTIFIED company.
4.)Technology Edge- Hasetri Asia First and India Biggest foremost research center.
5.) Key Partners to leading OEM.
6.)Pioneer of Radial Technology in India.
7.)India’s No. 1 Truck/Bus Radial manufacturer, Market Share -30% approx.

You can also check their investor presentation from their website here is the link http://www.jktyre.com/investorpresentation.aspx

I feel this stock will rise to a very good level from here potential of this company is very high and brand is well known it is technically and fundamentally strong stock only drag due to global policy and its aggressive expansion.
if you look into its presentation then you know valuable it is.
"Always remember buy those stock which are valuable and nobody is taking about them"
Invest in it and forget it for at least 1 year for maximum return.
Its ROE is 22 % for the past 5 years. and i feel that it is far better then Apollo Tyre.
my maximum target for this stock is 250 - 300rs.