Is this for the benefit of retail investors ?

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think this is only for 46 stocks that are to be physically settled.

Nonetheless, I don't think it's good for retail traders; it's just SEBI playing Big Brother to retail investors. Ideally, lot-sizes for F&O should be a lot smaller & margins shouldn't be unnecessarily high since that'd allow small investors to protect themselves by hedging. So, SEBI measures like this & many others are only exposing retails investors to even greater risks & losses.


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Still only 45 stocks are psychically settled and you can take next month position in last 4 days to escape the rule. But more bad is coming, you can't escape the following ASM.

SEBI just want to cut the retailers participation in F&O in the name of protection of retail investors and traders. :rolleyess:

sebi nw margin rule.png