Is there a way to disable embedding of formulas into chart and analysis projects


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Default behaviour of Amibroker whenever you save charts or analysis projects is to actually embed entire code of all sheets/panes/explores etc into .chart or .apx files. It replaces new lines with \r\n sequence which you can see in any text editor because both .chart and .apx are simple XML files.

If you then close (accidentally or otherwise) the chart, change the AFL (to fix bugs or add features) and then reopen the chart, Ami detects differences and suffix earlier filenames with _imported so you continue to see buggy AFL. You have to reapply the changes manually and get rid of the _imported file.

Is there a way to disable this default? I want Amibroker to NOT embed the AFL into chart, only embed the file name and refer to the actual file as needed (I mean routine programmatic typical multi-file environs).

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