Is it possible to earn a crore in share market


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Yes it is 100% possible. But before that you need to build skills, you have a proper plan for risk management, entry , exit . You have to keep patient for opportunities. You have to be brave heart and daring. So must have strong heart. And most important before being successful you have be failure because without that you cant learn and discover right plan and strategy for you. When you see figure 1 crore as a small investor it seems like dream. But calculation is very simple. 250 days 20000 daily avg basis 50 lakhs and 40000 per day 1 crore. Though i made few crores for others who can survive in total but unfortunately cheated. Now doing my own and on the process. But I have to improve too as with small money done some stupidity. Working on mistakes. Have to give break to my speed of making money as losses are also speedy. But I tell you it is possible. And at Traderji I saw earlier some trader who were having good knowledge and they deserve so. But personally dont know their growth. And I believe I can but have to improve few bad habits towards risk management. As with more knowledge sometime we all started to feel we are oversmart. That is real test. Thanz.
one of our well known member invest 15 lakhs in "put option -buy" from April-2019 to till now (his assumption market fall in 2019) , today it was achieved 1.20 crore but position still open...

So the chances are open to all.. how you do it.. That's the secret ..

Note: the above Manish damani post is truth, that man followed confidently , so today he is having flag.
Happy trading.


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to earn a crore u must have 100 crore in ur account:DD
Its possible to loose a crore in share market :DD . Making money from market has same odds as getting yourself a date with
Jennifer Lawrence, now you calculate the odds:DD:DD:DD

PS: Yes it is possible but for some it takes years for it never comes in a life time
I really interested to ask why did you mention Jennifer Lawrence? because there is many more difficult cases XD
Entering the stock market can be daunting, but it's definitely possible to make money with the right approach. While luck can play a part, successful trading is more about knowledge, strategy, and discipline. Start by educating yourself about the market, understanding different investment strategies, and managing risks effectively. Consider starting with a small investment and gradually increasing as you gain experience. Remember, patience and persistence are key. Good luck!
Yes, it's definitely possible to earn a crore in the share market, but it requires a blend of patience, strategy, and sometimes a bit of luck. The key is to focus on long-term investments, diversify your portfolio, and stay updated with market trends. Remember, it's not a quick journey, but with consistent effort and smart decisions, achieving such a goal is within the realm of possibility. Always do thorough research or consider consulting with a financial advisor to make well-informed decisions.
Achieving a crore in the share market requires strategic investment decisions, diligent research, disciplined risk management, and a long-term investment horizon.

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