Investment options for salried people

A higher income results in better savings, is a myth that causes the deterioration of many a complacent investors' finances. So to begin with let's start by busting that myth itself. Long before disposable incomes were at levels they are currently at and before consumerism took over sensible spending, 'Savings' were deducted from 'Income' before allocations were made for 'Expenses'. (Income - Savings = Expenses). Hence, irrespective of the size of the earning, saving was always possible. But, of course, we have evolved and luxuries today are a necessity for building a social image. However, it is still possible to save and invest, no matter how modest your income may seem. The trick of the game is to invest small but regularly. These small amounts can add up to big savings after a period of time. And if you couple the discipline of regular investing with the simplicity of mutual funds, you could well be on the path to profit.

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An Investment Option for A Modest Salary

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