Intraday selling share status pending


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can i sell those the next day by cancelling the order
For that u need to ve full amount i.e to take delivery n u can sell tomo(BTST-Buy Today Sell Tomo)...u can enter a trade as intraday n convert it to delivery :)

In case if u don't covert it to delivery brokers execute the order probably after 3.20...


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What happens if the selling status of a share is pending in intraday at the end of the day.
Most of Brokers have auto square facility for Intraday. If your Short trade escapes that, then it will go to Auction at NSE, which which will complete the process and Debit the Proceeds to your A/c.


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I recently went short on suzlon while it had hit its upper circuit at 10.00
now it has gone to auction and my broker informs me that settlement is done entirely by NSE and that the settlement price is decided T+3 days after which the profit/loss will be notified. However I really need to know how this auction process works and who decides the settlement price.

Any insights will be helpful. Thank you

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