Initial margin of a contract

i am aware about what initial margin is. i would like to know where exactly initial margin percentage is specified for a contract?

is there a list for the same like list for the lot size?



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There is SPAN margin fixed by NSE, and, is fixed on a daily basis on the basis of volatility of the underlying. In addition to this, your broker could be charging you an exposure margin. You could check out with your broker on the margin requirement.
is this SPAN margin specified on website [ nseindia ]? is there any other source of website from where i can get these details without approching my borker.
I use Sharekhan as a broker and they have this very good facility of sending DerivativeInfokit everyday.... You can download one from here. Its updated everyday.

Mukesh Udasi
Dear Mukesh,

thanks for the link but all it has is margin percentage required for each script in futures market. i would like to know span margin requirement for my spread position. like how much margin will be required if i

buy sept nifty fut @ 4375 and
sell oct nifty fut @ 4400