PIB is realy very good software but INDIABULLS service is very bed. And RM Massaallah!!!!!!!!!!!!.:(:(
They are the useless persons in Indiabulls. Every thing is OK untill u dont have any problem and once u are in problem no body is there to help you. And if you write any mail to helpdesk they will replay that your RM is Mr RM u call him and he will solve your problem. Then u have a very horrible time to get ur RM.
I am closing my account with indiabulls by this week


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Frend look for good support from your broker and not brokerage, you will pay from your earnings from stocks. If you have a good broker who is giving you good recomm., timely msgs to buy and exit, reply to your queries on confirmations, brokerages, ipos and stocks, and some one should be available from morning to evening 8 ready to go an extra mile to help you.
these days all brokers are only interested in opening your account and then dump you, they make 1000-1500 in one shot.
good luck.
Ok . But Some Of The Tells That Indiabulls Not Allow To Buy Shares From Bse. We Can Buy Only From Nse. It Is True?

Or What Kind Of Problme Is There.
can we buy shares in z catergory and bse shares in indiabulls.

they don't allow Z catagory shares not even the penny stocks from T group .....don't allow to buy on BSE as well.....The worst thing is that they themselves don't allow thier shares during Intraday....

I have been using Indiabulls since last 1.5 yrs or so..........RM are the worst......
mr, milind857,

iam unable to understand this word "The worst thing is that they themselves don't allow thier shares during Intraday".

please explain it.and what is ur suggestion can i go to indiaulls or select anothr broker house.

thank u
When so many ppl face problem witth india bulls then one shoould avoid them.
A friend of mine opened opened acct with them. and his intial deposit was vanished.
he was not able to trade and after few months when he received statement his amount was missing in it. it took him 2 years get his money back( after deducting charges).
and that also after he had threaten for legal action.

but another friend of mine is happy he had not yet faced any problem. and is RM is great for him.

its not organisation but people u interact with.

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