Hi all,

My experence with Indiabulls is also awesome.

I have changed two RM in 3 months and still not satisfied.

My first RM had made me huge loss and now I am repenting. I was unaware of F&O and its strategies and inspite of explaining all the situations, he insisted to do the F&O.I suffered alot friends.

I am very much disappointed as I have to loose my hard earned money.

Their calls are not accurate.friends, can u suggest any good site providing good recommendations. I didn't want pay a single penny to anyone now.I am planning to recover by doing small Intraday and make some profits so as to get back those shares which I have lost.

Friends, please help me out and suggest any good site.



Sorry for what has happened. It is very difficult to make money in markets and that too competing with professionals-no way.

I would advise you to do your own research (Either fundamentally or technically - you can choose your own approach to the markets). Please do not listen to any guys unless they really know how a stock market functions and It is very difficult for a single person to master all the market fields like cash equity, derivatives, F&O, commodities etc. So in future stick on to any one aspect and follow it strictly. DISCIPLINE is a must in markets.

As you have said that you are probably willing to make small day trades to make up your incurred losses, I suggest you not to venture to this arena without the proper knowledge and the right infrastructure needed for day trading. Above all emotion control plays a vital role in day trading which requires constant vigil of the quotes and realtime monitoring of the charts. Again mind you it is very difficult to compete with professionals in this field.

So It would be wise if you start swing trades with short time frames which would give beginners sufficient time to analyse the markets and take actions leisurely.

Dont lose hearts -Good luck - Happy trading
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